Sunday, January 24, 2010

...The sun'll come out, tomorrow...

Good morning, peeps, it's another wet, rainy, and gloomy day here in the Deep South. Time for some indoor fun!

Yesterday was a day full of adventures. I woke up early to go for a run with a local church running group. The weather was nippy but with a promise of sunshine; the trail, however, was still incredibly muddy from the unremitting rains we have been experiencing. Check out my dirty Brooks Ghosts. They had themselves a bath after that run.

The run was good, 10 miles along our Greenway. Everything was going smoothly until I ran smack-dab into a skunk on a bridge...what do skunks do on bridges in the early morning, anyway? Commune with fellow rabid skunks? Luckily, I got away without getting sprayed. Thank goodness!

I thought I had gotten off easy until I got home, started feeling twinges of pain that quickly developed to searing cramps. I've come to the conclusion I've strained my abs. Don't do this at home, children.

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