Thursday, February 4, 2010

...Tonight's gonna be a good night...i.e. breaking in my King Tut racing shoes

Well, peeps, I'm still counting down to the Frostbite 1/2 Marathon next weekend so I guess that means tonight is going to be another running night.

I'm trying to eat sensibly but it's so hard to be good! :(

I've got a new pair of racing flats that I need to break in before the marathon, so I might wear them on the treadmill tonight for a couple of miles. The ultra-lightweight Nike racing shoes are fantastic. They're made with this incredible material called Flywire. I'm not sure exactly what Flywire is but I do know the substance was developed by NASA and it makes the shoes UBER light and strong. This will be my first experience racing/training in the Sister One+ series. Will keep you posted on comfort, flexibility, speed, responsiveness, durability, etc.

Check 'em out and tell me what you think! Pretty spiffy, huh?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why can't my Kitchen Aid "whip" me into shape?

Nine days left until the Frostbite half marathon so until then, my friends, it's the straight and narrow for the Edible Rabbit. No more late night snacking! No more wine! No more Oreos! No more macaroni and cheese! And for all of you out there who are familiar with my pitfalls (you know who you are), please feel free to send a word of encouragement, good cheer, chastisement, derision, or whatever you feel is appropriate. :)